American Passport

The Power of An American Passport

An American Passport, or simply USA Passport, is undoubtedly the most powerful passport on the planet. Holding a US passport gives you access to a very long list of countries either without a visa, free visa or cheap visa on arrival. Do you need an American passport? You have come to the right place.

Anyone holding a United States Passport can travel without a visa to 116 countries, while they can get a 47 visa on arrival, and 35 countries requires them to obtain a visa before arriving in the country. USA passport is on the top 10 most powerful passport in terms of travelling the world. This article listed not only visa free countries for US passport holders but also those countries that a US citizen can get an eVisa and visa on arrival.

  • Countries that are Visa-Free to American Citizens holding a United States Passport
  • Countries that issue Free Visas to¬†American Citizens holding a United States Passport
  • Difference Between Visa-Free and Free Visa
  • Countries that require Visa on Arrival for¬†American Citizens holding a United States Passport
  • Types of United States Passports

Real and Fake American Passports

PRAFDOCS offers real and fake American passports at very affordable rates. You can decide to order a real American passport and have it delivered to you by mail, or order a fake American passport and have it delivered to you either by mail or by email. The only difference between the real American passport and the fake American passport is that the former is registered with all applicable databases and will pass pass verification anywhere they are checked against such database. The fake American Passport on the other hand, will not pass verification if checked against databases but since the design and print quality is 100% the real deal, it will deceive anyone who checks simply by looking.

Order Real United States Passports Online

PRAFDOCS is the best place for you to get a real United States passport from online. We work with immigration and a;ll related offices to get you a passport within the shortest time possible. Not only do you save yourself some time but you also escape the hard work of moving around to get it done yourself. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary information and you get a real United States passport within two weeks. These passports. just like any other real passports, are registered in the system so you have nothing to worry about.

Order Fake United States Passports Online

Are fake American passports useful? Under what circumstances will someone need one? Can they pass verification anywhere? These are the top three questions people usually ask concerning fake American passports.

  • Fake American passports are useful if you intend to present them anywhere you are very sure the person verifying will not look them up into any database.
  • They are also great when needed for privacy reasons. You want to be identified someone but without exposing your real identity.

High Quality Fake US Passports

The reason we call them fake is because we do not work with any government officials to get them and as a result they are not registered in the system or any databases. We simply produce them ourselves. As far as quality is concerned, they are not different from real american passports. We use the same type of high quality paper and ink and replicate all the visual and security features found on real american passports.

Scanned Copies of Fake American Passports

Most people are in need of fake american passports not for the purpose of travel but simply for KYC or AML requirements. Some require them to unlock online accounts such as Paypal, Ebay, etc. If that’s your case, then you can choose to either have the fake american passport printed and mailed to you, or you simply order an electronic copy (scanned copy) to be emailed to you.

Types of United States Passports



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