Buy Real and Fake Documents Online

We have clearly explained the difference between real and fake documents. Real documents are as real as they get. We work with various agencies to acquire real documents on behalf of our clients. They are registered and the client’s information correctly inserted into the required database and viewable to any authorised person who logs in to verify. So, they are verifiable and will pass verification 100% irrespective of any verification method used.

Fake documents on the other hand are produced by us. They look and feel as real as real documents and will pass verification when examined through various methods. The only exception is that fake documents are NOT registered in the required databases, as a result, anyone who verifies the document number on a database will not find the document. That’s why you do not need to submit a fake document when computer verification is required.

A fake document does not in any way mean a useless document. Most people get this wrong. They are useful in multiple ways same as real documents. The bearer of a fake document must know where to use and how to use them. For example, you can conveniently present a fake Driver’s License to a bouncer at the club and they will let you in. Why? Because our fake drivers’ licenses look and feel 100% real, and contain all the visual and security features available in real drivers’ licenses. The only difference is that you can’t submit a fake driver’s license to a police officer on patrol because chances are high he/she will check the ID number on a computer or call the office and ask someone check for them. Immediately they will know it is a fake driver’s license.

Buy Fake (unregistered) Documents Online

Buy Real (registered) Documents Online

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