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Buy Travel Documents Online using our premium document services. So far we have helped thousands of clients in 114 countries obtain immigration documents with the most requested being Traveler’s Passports. Other immigration documents we facilitate acquisition include Visas, as well as documents required in destination country, such as Residency Permit, Professional ID Cards, Employment Authorization Documents (work permits), etc.

Buy Real and Fake Immigration Documents Online

We offer both real and fake immigration documents. The one a client goes for depends entirely on the purpose for which they intend to use it.

Real Immigration Documents

Real immigration documents are issued by official authorized offices and we are merely middlemen doing all the heavy lifting for our clients. The real immigration documents are 100% real, official and legal. The only difference when you get them through us is that we save you time and stress so that you won’t have to research the process on your own or spend time and energy locating offices and waiting in line at an office to be attended to. With us, you provide all the information and photos and accompanying documents online and we file them for you. If you pay for premium services, we get the immigration documents for you faster.

Remember, when we say “real,” we actually mean “real”. Real immigration documents obtained through legal sources and legal means and can be legally used without any risk. There is nothing fishy or illegal about the real documents we obtain on your behalf. Don’t get them confused with Fake immigration documents which we provide ourselves and can be used only under certain circumstances.

Fake Immigration Documents

Unlike the real immigration documents that we help our clients obtain via legal means, fake immigration documents are NOT issued via official channels. We print and ship them ourselves. However, they look very real, with the only difference being that they are NOT registered in any database.

Our fake documents are printed using high precision equipment, premium software and cutting edge technology. As a result, these fake documents contain all visual and security features found in real documents except for the fact that they are NOT registered in official databases. They will pass verification when physically examined or checked forensically through scanning. However, verification will fail when checked against official databases.

If you are obtaining fake documents from us, make sure you use them in places or under circumstances where database verification will NOT be done.

Difference Between Real and Fake Immigration Documents

Just one difference. Real immigration documents are registered in official databases and as a result will pass verification if someone checks against those databases. Fake documents are NOT registered in official databases and as a result will fail verification if someone checks against those databases.

Why the glaring difference stated above? The reason is simple. The real immigration documents are issued by authorized issuing offices while the fake immigration documents are printed by us.

Are Fake Documents of Any Use?

Fake does not mean “useless”. Although we print the documents ourselves, the look and feel 100% real because they are designed using premium templates and software, printed on high quality papers using high precision equipment and cutting edge technologies which gives them all the visual and security features available in officially issued documents.

These fake documents are 100% useful if used in certain places or under certain conditions that will not warrant that the document number or other information be checked against official databases. They are NOT registered in those database. That’s why we call them “fake”.

Where/When Can You Use Fake Documents?

One case scenario to help you figure it out for yourself. Imagine you are 17 but wish to go to a club but cab’t get pass the bouncer with your official ID (driver’s license, passport, etc). You can get a fake ID from us that is an exact replica of an official ID but with a different date of birth so that it proves you are above 18. This ID card is NOT registered in any database but will still help you get into the club since the bouncer won’t be checking the ID number against a database anyway. All the bouncer will do is examine the card physically to see if it is real. And of course, it feels and looks real, with all visual and security features matching state issued IDs.

Order Documents Online

PRAFDOCS gives you the opportunity of a new life, new identity or temporal identity for use for a specific purpose. Go to our order page and fill the form to buy real or fake documents online. Whether getting a real or fake document, the ordering process is 100% safe because everything is done online and the documents are discreetly shipped to you. All you need to do is provide information and payment and the finished products will be shipped to an address you provide.

The choice whether or not to buy a real or a fake document is up to you. If you have decided to place an order, go to the order page and order documents online. If in doubt whether or not to order a fake document or real document, contact us and explain how you want to use the document or simply order a real document since real documents are always 100% risk free.