Difference Between Real Documents Fake Documents

What is the Difference Between Real Documents and Fake Documents?

When you come to PRAFDOCS to buy documents online, you are presented with two options; real documents and fake documents. You need to know the Difference Between Real Documents and Fake Documents before you proceed.

Most people believe that all documents bought online are fake. That explains why search volumes for “order fake documents online” are far greater than search volumes for “buy real documents online”. The notion that a real document can’t be ordered online is simply false because our clients can testify that the real documents they have purchased from us are actually real. Yes! If you buy real passport online from us, it is as real as the one issued by the government. Government issued passports are created using premium software, high precision equipment and cutting edge technologies. The result is a high quality print with a brilliant design and security features such as holograms. Some of these security features are visible to the naked eyes and others are not. We have everything required to produce 100% exact replicas of government issued passports and it is impossible to tell the difference even when forensic testing is used. After printing all left to do is use our connections to get them registered in the required databases so that anyone verifying the passport will see the details pop up and confirm it is real.

What actually is a fake document? Don’t misunderstand “fake” to mean useless or low quality. The fake documents we offer look and feel exactly like real documents, with all security features identifiable through visual and forensic examination but with the glaring difference being that fake documents are NOT registered in the database and as a result, their use is limited. This means that if you buy a fake document from us, such as a fake passport, no one will be able to tell it is fake simply by looking, touching, bending, examining under certain lights, scanning, etc. This is because they are produced using the same premium software, high precision equipment and cutting edge technologies as real documents. The only difference is that a fake passport you buy from us is NOT registered in the database for government issued passports while a real passport you buy from us is registered, legal and 100% risk free. So on no occasion should you present our fake passport to someone at the airport sitting in front of a computer. Obviously, that is a very bad idea. Anyone with access to the passports database can check and see that our real passports are registered but a fake passport won’t return any results. As a result, a fake document can be used only for specific purposes. For example, you can use a fake driver’s license to get pass the bouncer and enter a club because the bouncer normally won’t check it on the database for drivers’ licenses but on no occasion should you use it the police station.

Order Documents Online

PRAFDOCS gives you the opportunity of a new life, new identity or temporal identity for use for a specific purpose. Go to our order page and fill the form to buy real or fake documents online. Whether getting a real or fake document, the ordering process is 100% safe because everything is done online and the documents are discreetly shipped to you. All you need to do is provide information and payment and the finished products will be shipped to an address you provide.

The choice whether or not to buy a real or a fake document is up to you. If you have decided to place an order, go to the order page and order documents online. If in doubt whether or not to order a fake document or real document, contact us and explain how you want to use the document or simply order a real document since real documents are always 100% risk free.