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Where to buy Maltese Passport online .

For many looking to buy Maltese passport and Citizenship, they so so through the Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) which was introduced in 2014.

This program offers high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide citizenship in a highly respected EU Member Country.

Te program is meant for the rich who can afford €650,000. If you are looking for where to buy Maltese Passport online but can’t afford that much, then Bjarke & Eckbert is the right place to turn to.

We are not an immigration company but work with top Maltese immigration officers who registers our printed passport information into the database system. This will give you an automatic citizenship through Naturalization and will be extended to include your direct family members.

Buy Maltese Passport online and get the right to establish in all 28 EU countries and Switzerland. If you buy Maltese passport, you will have the ability to set up business in Malta, and it will also enable you to enjoy visa-free travel to more than 160 countries across the world including the United States.

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where to buy Maltese passport online


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What is the Maltese Investment-based citizenship scheme

In January 2014 Malta started granting citizenship for a €650,000 contribution plus investments, contingent on residence and criminal background requirements,[5] under the so-called “Individual Investor Programme”[6] Henley & Partners was originally appointed as sole agent for the sale of Maltese passport, but the Muscat government later opened the scheme to Maltese firms too. The procedure is managed formally by the governmental agency Identity Malta.[7] The number and background of persons granted Maltese citizenship based on investment is unknown, as the Maltese government does not publish such data. Malta’s Data Protection Commissioner confirmed that the publication of the number of passport buyers and their country of origin “may prejudice relations with a number of the countries of origin” and that revealing the agencies that handled their application “could reasonably be expected to prejudice commercial interests and, ultimately, the competitiveness of approved agents as it would reveal commercially-sensitive information”.[7] The list of persons who were naturalised Maltese in the year 2015[8] includes over 900 names (listed by first name) without indication of previous/second citizenships and of reasons for naturalisation. This was criticised as not transparent enough.[9] Many of the names are typical Arab, Russian, and Chinese names. Most “investors” are understood to be interested in acquiring Maltese citizenship only as a tool to exploit EU citizenship rights and reside elsewhere in the Union, including the UK. [9] The European Parliament had objected to the programme as a sell-out of EU citizenship.[10] The income from Malta’s passport sale amounted to €163.5 million in 2016. Of this, 70% is deposited in the so-called National Development and Social Fund (NDSF), which was set up in July 2016. The use of the fund by the government is not regulated.[11]


Where to buy Maltese passport online

Where to buy Maltese passport online


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